Gildredge House after school tennis

Gildredge House After School Tennis


Fun tennis after school tennis clubs on our courts and indoor studio. We will develop children's tennis skills and help them to develop a lifelong love of the sport.

Our coaches collect children from the school and walk them over to the club. Parents collect from the cafe. The sessions are free of charge to club members. The club junior membership costs from just £35 a month and allows you to join up to 6 sessions each and every week. Alternatively you can join as a non member by paying the course fee.

- Starting the week beginning Monday 6th January 2020
- Final week ending Friday 3rd April 2020
- Half Term the week beginning Monday 17th February
- 12 training weeks

Reception and School Year 1:  Mondays 3-4pm - click here

School Years 2 and 3:  Tuesdays 3-4pm - click here

School Years 2 and 3:  Thursdays 3-4pm - click here

School Years 4 and above:  Wednesdays 3-4pm - click here

School Years 4 and above:  Fridays 3-4pm - click here